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As the third-largest city in Pennsylvania behind only Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, Allentown sees a good share of incidents on the road that can put drivers’ records in jeopardy, ranging from speeding tickets to stop sign violations to other violations that can cause a loss of license.

If you live in the Allentown area and have any sort of violations on the road, you would be wise to contact an Allentown traffic lawyer to get the help you need and to preserve your driving record. Whether you were charged with going too fast on the Lehigh Valley Thruway (Route 22) or the Walter J. Dealtrey Memorial Highway (I-78), charged with failing to stop on Tilghman Street or cited for improper lane change on Route 145, an Allentown traffic lawyer can help.

As hundreds of thousands of motorists enter or exit Allentown each day, the potential for violations is high, as is the potential for the wrong driver being charged. Perhaps you were in a hurry to get to work in Philadelphia and lost track of your speed in your daily pack of commuters. Are you certain that the officer flagged the correct vehicle?

Or, you might have been stuck downtown in a long queue of cars. You followed the line through the intersection, then realized that it would not advance once the light turned red. Do you have any defense? Of course you do!

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The best action to take when you receive news of a traffic violation is NOT to mail the notice back in with a fat check. Instead, contact an Allentown traffic lawyer and find out if you have grounds to contest the violation. In many instances, you do.

Before you spend good money paying for a violation that you might not have committed, think twice and get in touch with a skilled Allentown traffic lawyer. Do this before you have points added to your driving record, which will also lead to higher insurance premiums. Even a seemingly minor ticket can become the gift that keeps on giving, in a negative sense.

For example, a competent Allentown traffic lawyer can take several approaches to contesting your speeding ticket. S/he might: 1) Dig and find out if the police officer in your case had the necessary training for using the relatively new LIDAR technology for speed detection; 2) Investigate to find out if the officer pointed the gun at an improper place on your vehicle, the reading will be flawed and your speed incorrectly recorded; 3) Determine if the officer had the proper certification and training for using the older VASCAR technology, which requires perfect timing to push the stopwatch to measure a vehicle’s speed across a designated zone; 4) Take a look at the service records for the radar gun used by the officer. It is possible that it had not been properly calibrated for several months or years, opening the door to an improper reading.

All of these possibilities and more will be thoroughly vetted by your Allentown traffic lawyer. S/he will know all of the openings in traffic law that can be exploited in a client’s favor, particularly if there is doubt about the charge.

The same goes for stop sign violations, which can be open to interpretation, and many officers’ stories can be disputed. Did any other witnesses see you “fail to stop”? Did your quick right turn on red endanger any other drivers? These are the types of questions that a competent Allentown traffic lawyer will raise in court or even before the case is heard before a judge.

And, if you have lost your license for any number of reasons, you know that getting an attorney is a great move to get back on the road. Contact an Allentown traffic attorney immediately to find out how you can get your precious driving privileges back as soon as possible.

A loss of license can mean a loss of job in some cases, as many employment contracts call for employees to have a valid driver’s license to continue employment. You should not allow this to happen without a fight.

You are not at all obliged to mail in your traffic violation notice with a check. Your first step should be to get in touch with an Allentown traffic lawyer and contest the charge. A good Allentown traffic attorney can help to keep your license, maintain an acceptable driving record and leave your insurance premiums at a stable amount.


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